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Congratulations to Runda Photovoltaic for being awarded the Outstanding Photovoltaic Cell/Module Enterprise in the "Top 100 Photovoltaic Enterprises" Leading China's Renewable Energy in 2022!

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From February 23rd to 24th, The 10th China (Jiangsu) International New Photovoltaic Innovation and Development Conference and leading China's renewable energy "Photovoltaic Top 100" The awards ceremony was held in Nanjing, the ancient capital, as scheduled. This conference gathered many senior enterprises and experts in the industry. After authoritative discussion and decision-making, Runda Photovoltaic won the honor of 2022 Leading China's Renewable Energy "PV Top 100" Excellent Photovoltaic Cell/Component Enterprise This award!

This is an affirmation of the work of Runda Photovoltaic in the past year, and it is also an encouragement for our work in 2023. In 2023, Runda Photovoltaic will continue to uphold the business philosophy of "light energy enriches thousands of families and integrity reaches the world", continuously promotes the construction of the company's industrial chain, and enhances the company's profitability and competitiveness, so as to repay the society and shareholders.

Hot News


Runda Solar has been successfully listed on the New Third Board

On May 5, 2015, Jiangsu Runda PV Co., Ltd. was successfully listed on the National SME Share Transfer System. The stock abbreviation is "Runda Solar", and the stock code is "832391".


TÜV SÜD awarded Runda the first 210/182/166 double glass product 2021 version IEC61215 series standard TÜV SÜD certification

China/Wuxi On November 2, TÜV SÜD Greater China Group (hereinafter referred to as "TÜV SÜD") provided the 210/182/166 series for Jiangsu Runda Photovoltaic Wuxi Co., Ltd. Double-glass photovoltaic module products issued the first 2021 version of IEC61215 series standard TÜV SÜD certification.


Runda Solar was included in the list of the fourth batch of enterprises that meet the

In August 2015, Jiangsu Runda PV Co., Ltd. was included in the list of the fourth batch of enterprises that meet the "Standard Conditions for Photovoltaic Manufacturing Industry" of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.


Jiangsu Runda PV Co.,Ltd withdrew from Jiangsu Runda New Energy Power Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Runda PV Co.,Ltd. withdrew from Jiangsu Runda New Energy Power Co., Ltd.


Fighting hard, pointing to the future! Runda Photovoltaic 10GW cell project officially started!

On April 23, the centralized start (completion) of major projects in Jianhu County, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province and the commencement ceremony of Runda 10GW TOPCon photovoltaic cell project were successfully held.